Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Teaching Tools I Couldn't Live Without

I have been teaching for over a decade now and there are some tried and true supplies that, if I didn't have them in my classroom anymore, I would be lost without! 

The List

Writing Utensils I Love

 Wine Rack Pen holder

I couldn't survive without my Inkjoy Pens. I use them for everything! I also have my flair pen for a little extra pizzaz. If you have not tried gel highlighters yet, let me tell you...they are awesome! What classroom would be complete without a little metallic sparkle?

Coffee, coffee coffee
Who doesn't need coffee to get them through the day? I have a Mr. Coffee Kcup maker in my classroom. It has been a lifesaver on more than one occasion. I also use my Contigo mugs (I have 7 now) because they keep my coffee hot for HOURS!

I LOATHE chalk....but I love my chalkboard markers!
These have only recently become more mainstream. It used to be next to impossible to find chalkboard markers. I am SOOOO happy that they are now commonplace and easy to find!

Paper Pots
My paper tissue pots have become part of my life at this point. Both of my paper pots were broken this year by the same student (I am still bitter about it) and I need to choose a new one!

Paper Holders
I purchase construction paper holder (it's more cost effective) and use them to hold copies or to use as student cubbies for those who tend to lose EVERYTHING.

Multi pocket Folders and Binder Holder
I use these multi pocket folders to hold my teacher copies of the weekly lessons. I keep my lesson plans in the binder holder and keep it open to the day's lesson plans (in case of administration walk-ins). Yes, that is a dish rack. I use it to hold my folders and some pens.

Duct Tape
I use Duct Tape in all kinds of ways in the classroom, but my personal favorite is to makeover my teacher desk. I have done this in every new classroom I get moved to!

Shoe Organizer
With limited storage space, you sometimes need to get a little creative with your organizational methods. I use different shoe organizers around my classroom to organize my materials. They work great and hold up surprisingly well!

I love my Desk Apprentice from Staples!



  1. This bad boy has been ordered and will be on my desk tomorrow. I have the junior apprentice at home, but my desk at school is haphazardly arranged. Thanks for the rec.

    1. I hope that you like it! I LOVVVE mine. I might do a whole post on how I use mine one day!

  2. The apprentice desk organizer is no longer available! Bummer!!!!