Sunday, July 16, 2017

Flexible Seating in Middle School

So I have watched the flexible seating craze go on for the last few years and I always dismissed it. I thought it would cause to much chaos in my carefully crafted middle school classroom.

I think I have had a mini change of heart...not a full change of heart mind you.

I am thinking about having a few flexible seating options for SOME students.

I've been doing my research and have found some potential options:

I didn't want anything that was SUPER comfortable. Middle schoolers love to try to fall asleep so I wanted items that would keep the fidgety kids at bay without them falling to sleep. 

Because the floors are always gross at my school I think I will keep some yoga mats on hand for those that choose the lap desks. 

I know that the kids who are not allowed to try flexible seating will complain but tough:

I will spend the first few weeks of school observing the students in order to determine who could benefit from flexible seat (or a desk band). Once I have sussed out the needy parties I will give them a OPTIONAL contract (They might decide that the best seating option is at their desk). 

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