Monday, July 17, 2017

Sequencing and Plot Diagram Activity

I don't know about you kids, but my kids suck at sequencing. I think it is because they don't pick up on transitional cues very well. Whatever the cause I knew that I needed to go back to the basics this fall. I've decided that I am going to:

1. Buy a few picture books that have a clear path:

2. Count the number of pages in the books
3. Number the pages randomly in sharpie 

4. Write down the random order numbers from start to finish for an answer key. Trust me and do it NOW. 
5. Gently take the books apart

6. Determine the plot diagram of each book
7. Place the deconstructed books separate ziplock bags

7. Sit back and watch my diligence pay off

What will happen is that I will split my class into their learning groups. Each group will get a deconstructed picture book. They will need to reconstruct the book from start to finish and determine the plot diagram of the book. When each group is done they will switch books with another group.

Here is an example the sheet my kids will have and the answer key that I have created for two books so far.

Order by kmpotter05 on Scribd

Random Question: Am I in the minority by thinking that Love You Forever is a creepy books

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