Saturday, July 15, 2017

Get your kids attention and save your voice

So I discovered something today that I am really excited about! It's a Sadotech wireless doorbell.

Why is this at all interesting or exciting you ask?

I don't know about you, but I use my voice and phrases to get my kids' attention over and over each day:

1. Gangham….Style
2. Mine….Craft
3. Do You Want to….Build a Snowman!
4. Peanut Butter….Jelly Time!
5. We Are Students….Bump, ba bump, bump, bump, bump, bump (from the Farmer’s Insurance commercial).
6. Harry….Potter
7. Click it….Or Ticket
8. Zip it Lock it….Put it in Your Pocket
9. Echo Clap (teacher claps a pattern and students repeat it)
10. Shake Shake Shake….Shake Your Milkshake
11. All Right Stop….Collaborate and Listen (From Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby”)
12. Sportscenter Theme: Da da da….da da da
13. Hey Class….Hey What (say it in different voices and they mimic)

While that is all fun and good, it does get super old after awhile and dang it my voice gets tired. 

This year I am going to use the Sadotech wireless doorbell instead!

you plug the doorbell into a wall outlet anywhere and then put the motion sensor somewhere near your desk. When you want to get your kids attention, you just wave your hand in front of the sensor and it rings the doorbell. I will expect my kids to quiet down by the time the doorbell ring ends.

There are 52 different ringtones to choose from including holiday themed songs!

Check it out in this Youtube video below (You need to skip ahead to hear some of the new fun ones).

You can change it whenever you want and could even vote on it as a class!

I am excited to save my voice this year!

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  1. Just got mine in the mail. It's so cool! Can't wait to take it to school tomorrow!