Friday, July 14, 2017

Teacher Survival Kit for Men

I just wrote a teacher survival kit post that was geared towards women and got asked what I would put in a kit for men. So here you go!

First, you need to choose a bag!

After choosing the bag I needed to decide what items need to be in said bag. 

I have polled my male teacher friends and here is what I have found out:

Tissues, the good kind, are in high demand.

Band Aids 
The amount of paper cuts that teachers get is just ridiculous so you should definitely put in some fun band aids!

Who doesn't need change for an emergency soda or snack?

I am always losing chapstick...I think everyone does! So I am going to keep a stick in my survival kit!

Need I explain?

Pain reliever
This is a necessity in ANY teacher's life!
Travel Lint roller
Animal hair, chalk, children all seem to gravitate towards my clothes like nobody's business!

Stomach relief
Better safe than sorry!

Stain Remover
Oh how I crave this whenever I don't have it!

Duck Tape
Duck tape can fix anything!

Beef Jerky
in need of a protein boost?

Dental floss
Self explanatory

Double Headed Screwdriver 
Always comes in handy!
Fixes what duck tape cannot

Zip Ties
Men are always asking me if I have these
and these

Granola Bar
Same premise as the beef jerky

5 hour energy
We all could use this....all the time

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