Friday, July 14, 2017

Teacher Back to School Survival Kit for women

This year before school starts I am going to put together a "Back to Schoo Survival Kit".

Every year I always make do with what is in the bottom of my purse when I need something like gum, deodorant, change, etc... NO MORE, I SAY!

First I need to choose a bag. I am currently riding the crazy and I am into flamingos so I found these four bags on Amazon. Which one would you guys choose?

After choosing my bag I need to decide what items need to be in said bag. 

So far I have been thinking of these items:

My classroom is always like the surface of the sun at the start of the school year so this is a MUST!
I use paper pots in my classroom that houses toilet paper for tissues. I am not ashamed to admit that I would like to keep a supply of the "Good stuff" in my survival bag.

Band Aids 
The amount of paper cuts that I get is just ridiculous so I definitely need some fun band aids!

I always need change for an emergency soda or chocolate and I am always having to search the bottom of my purse. This year I am going to keep a roll of quarters in an M&M container (Perfect size) for just such emergencies. 

I am always losing chapstick...I think everyone does! So I am going to keep a stick in my survival kit!
Hair Ties and Bobby Pins
Another thing that I ALWAYS lose. I must have owned a million of these over my lifetime but at any given time I can't find a single one!

Need I explain?

Pain reliever
This is a necessity in ANY teacher's life!
Travel Lint roller
Animal hair, chalk, children all seem to gravitate towards my clothes like nobody's business!

Mini Brush
To go with those thousands of hair bands I have lost over the years. 

Stomach relief
Better safe than sorry!

The amount of times I have been surprised by this at work is embarrassing. 
Oh how I crave this whenever I don't have it!

Stain Remover
Oh how I crave this whenever I don't have it!

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