Monday, July 17, 2017

Mastery Checklists for Literary Terms

I am thinking about implementing something new in my classroom. What's that you ask? I'll be happy to tell you!

Mastery Checklists

I think that students no longer understand how to study or how one learns. The mastery checklist will help combat that. 

For each new set of literary terms I introduce to the class they will get a mastery checklist. 

The check list will contain I can statements so that students know exactly what and how they will be tested. Whenever students have extra time I will tell them to practice their mastery checklists with a partner. If the paper says that the student will be able to define simile, then they should practice doing so. This will also teach them how one studies!

Participation will be the same with each checklist (see below)

I then list the activities that we will be completing with this unit. Students will be able to calculate their classwork grade themselves (I grade classwork based on completion). 

For the quiz I will ask the students the questions from the I can statements at the top. I will use examples from the classwork for students to answer. 

I think the testing part is self explanatory. 

This is what two of my checklists look like!

Click the pictures below to see the units discussed here!

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