Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Mentor Texts Part Deux

I tutor each week during the summer and one of the activities that I had my girls do this week was find examples of literary techniques in picture books.

We went to the library and pulled picture books we loved or thought looked fun and went to work.

I had them write down the:

  1.  Book title
  2. Author
  3. Topic the book focused on
  4. Why they felt that way. 
These are some smart young ladies who found some really interesting items that I thought I would share with you!

Topic: Problem and Solution
Why: The bulb people built a snowman and he was melting so they rocketed him to chillsville. 
Topic Cause and Effect + Character vs. Nature
Why: Since Annie kept leaving out food more animals kept coming
She has an issue with the animals being untrained at first
Topic: Similes
Why: Quick as a wink
Topic: Verbs
Why: Pilled, stayed, art, etc...
Topic: Alliteration
Why: Bear on a Bike
Topic: Adjectives + compare and contrast
Why: Why, warm, terrible, thick, quick
One likes to live in solitude and one loved the company of many people

Topic: Foreshadowing
Why: We do not know until the end of the book that the bears are in a zoo

Topic: Onomatopeia
Why: Zin, zin, zin

Topic: Irony
Why: A character who hates books with only words, grows to love nooks with no pictures. 

Topic: 3rd person limited
Why: The narrator describe only the feelings and thoughts of Lucy

Topic: Problem and Solution
Why:The Care Bears work together to save their friends. 
Topic Symbolism
Why: A boy uses his dog to teach him how to learn
Topic: Descriptive
Why: The narrator describe the new world around Corduroy
Topic: Irony
Why: A bear spends time living as a real bear. 
Topic: Third person omniscient
Why: It offers perspectives of all the characters.
Topic: Irony
Why: A dog who cannot bark
Topic: Foreshadowing
Why:Hippolyte mentioned to clement that a pretty face does not mean anything....at first.
Topic: Character vs. Society +Symbolism
why: A boy goes against his family's view on a carrot plant he loves
Symbolizes the boys determination

Topic: Character vs Character
Why: The rabbits are against the fox
Topic: First Person
Why: A little girl narrates the story as the main character

Topic: Hyperbole
Why: The boy greatly exaggerates the animals that will be in his zoo
Topic: Tone
Why:The book has a playful tone with the giant squid
Topic: Tone and Adjectives
Why: Has a tone of wonderment and amazement with lots of adjectives

Topic: Context Clues
Why: A lot of words are stated and then define humorously. 

Topic: Dynamic Character
Why: The bird is grumpy and then he is happy!
Topic: Idioms
Why: Chock full of idioms!

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